Lee Container Receives Syngenta’s “2015 Partners in Quality” Award

CENTERVILLE, IOWA — Lee Container Corporation has received Syngenta’s “2015 Partners in Quality” award for the eighth year in a row. On May 10th, a delegation of Syngenta officials presented the award at Lee Container’s plant in Centerville, IA during a luncheon for employees, community leaders and key suppliers from around the country.

Lee Container has been a supplier of plastic bottles to Syngenta’s Agricultural Chemicals division since 1989, and manufactures bottles for Syngenta at its three locations (Centerville, IA, Homerville, GA and Nacogdoches, TX).

Syngenta is a global agricultural business that deals with annual sales of more than $13 billion a year. They have more than 28,000 employees in some 90 countries. Syngenta is headquartered in Switzerland and has major manufacturing plants in Nebraska, Texas and Louisiana; its U.S. headquarters are in Greensboro, NC.

David Steinert, Procurement Manager, NA Direct Procurement, Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC with Robert Varnedoe, President of Lee Container.

David Steinert, Syngenta Procurement Manager, said “This is our eighth year… this is amazing… Lee Container earned this presentation… It’s your hard work, your dedication and the fact that we get a container that causes zero problems, on time.  Without all of your focus and all of your ability, we wouldn’t be reporting the numbers we have.  We recognize it, we appreciate it… as your new logo says, “Your Containers, Our Success”.

Andrew Johnson, Syngenta Quality Specialist, presented the award and said “We’ve been doing this award for eight years now… we thought it would be a very good opportunity to recognize our top suppliers.  Lee won it convincingly the first year, and the second year, and every year after that… and that it is a spectacular effort… When you consider the amount of products that go into these bottles, the speed of use… we couldn’t be happier with what we get from you.”

Lee Container President Robert Varnedoe said he was proud to have the award presented in Centerville, where production has grown from two production lines and some 25 employees in 2008 to 15 production lines and 200 employees today… He also acknowledged the role played by Lee Container’s Nacogdoches, TX in serving Syngenta, and the 400-plus employees of Lee Container nationwide.  He thanked all who have contributed to this unprecedented track record by saying “Thank you from the bottom of our heart…great job.”

Robert Varnedoe also made a point of acknowledging the key suppliers in the Centerville area who have helped make Lee Container’s success possible: Fly Wheel Inc. (trucking), Inhance Technologies (fluorination) and QPS Employment Group (employment). “We could not have accomplished what we’ve accomplished without key partners of our own.”  He also thanked the City of Centerville and the Chamber of Commerce for their support. “We’re excited about our future here at Lee Container; we just continue to grow.  660,000 square feet will allow us to grow for a long, long time.”

Employees of Lee Container join with Syngenta delegation for a group picture commemorating the 2015 Syngenta Partners in Quality Award

After the event, Neil MacArthur, Mayor of Centerville said “They are a perfect model of team and management best practices as it relates to dealing with people. Being invited to their awards ceremony was something else. They understand how to communicate from the top down. They stopped their production so their employees could be rewarded and partake in the festivities. They had their business partners there and members of the community to also enjoy their award.  They are a great example of management and business.”

Sarah Revers, Executive Director of the Centerville Rathbun Lake Area Chamber of Commerce said “Lee Container didn’t just move to this community to just be another business. They moved here and have become part of the community.  They get their employees involved, they step up to the plate with community events and fundraisers and are always willing to lend an extra hand.  I’m looking forward to seeing their continued growth in our community.”

“QPS is proud to partner with such a great company that has a long standing tradition for being recognized as a quality supplier,” states Dan McNulty, President and Chief Operating Officer of QPS Employment Group. “We know that the individuals we place at Lee Container will be happy with their work, treated fairly, and most importantly, com e home safe to their families each night.  We want to congratulate all of the members of the Lee Container team on this wonderful accomplishment.”

Employees of Lee Container join with Syngenta delegation, key Centerville area suppliers and community leaders for a luncheon celebrating the 2015 Syngenta Partners in Quality Award.

About Lee Container Corporation

Lee Container is a leading national manufacturer of blow-molded plastic containers for a variety of industries. We serve customers in many markets, including Crop Protection, Lubricants, and Industrial and Garden Chemicals.  Our company has adapted its products and services to meet the specific demands of these markets and their exacting standards for packaging performance.  Lee Container also supplies a diverse customer base through a network of independent bottle distributors spread across the United States.